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25 Reasons We’re Thankful
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November 20, 2017

We gave you 25 Needs to Know earlier this year, but now it’s time for us to give you 25 Thank Yous. The last 25 years wouldn’t be nearly as fun without these things.  

25 Reasons Fairytale Brownies is Thankful

  1. Imported Belgian chocolate. It’s the reason we’re able to make the best brownies ever. Finding the right chocolate for our secret recipe was the beginning of this incredible 25 year ride.
  2. Fairytale friends (aka you). Everyone who has posted to our social, or reviewed us on Yelp, or come into our store to tell us how much you love our brownies — you’re the actual best in the world.  
  3. Expert bakers. Where would we be without the expert bakers who make each brownie to perfection? 
  4. Arizona. It’s where our founders are from, it’s where our bakery is located, it’s where the Fairytale Brownies story is set. We love being a local Arizona business.
  5. The Brownie Crew. Anyone who has ever been part of the Fairytale Brownies team, past or present, makes every day so much sweeter.  
  6. Play. From working with KaBOOM! to working with each other, play is central to Fairytale Brownies success.
  7. December. In December, we’re in full swing. Things are crazy-busy 24/7 but it just means we’re spreading joy with little brown squares. How could you not be thankful for that?
  8. Cake flour. It’s the secret to our crave worthy chewy cookies. They’re almost as addicting as our brownies.
  9. Quality assurance. We’re thankful every Fairytale Brownie recipient gets the same quality gourmet brownie no matter when they get a gift. We’re also thankful we get to try free brownies to ensure this kind of quality.
  10. Brownie edges. They don’t make it into our brownie gifts, but they do make their way to St. Vincent de Paul and WasteNot for others to enjoy!
  11. Playgrounds. Our founders met on a playground so without them we would never get to bake amazing brownies.
  12. Sweet memories. Since celebrating our 25th anniversary we’ve been flooded with shared memories from people who love Fairytale Brownies. We love hearing every story!
  13. Custom printing. Getting to build brownie gifts that are personalized with photos of people’s favorite memories or their own logo makes each custom gift that much more meaningful.
  14. Real creamery butter. Have you tried our buttery bars? We’ve got six flavors and they’re all soft, buttery goodness.
  15. Purple. It’s our signature color and it means the world to us. We’re thankful it exists. 
  16. Green. Our new look wouldn’t pop without it.
  17. Holidays. It doesn’t matter if it’s National Brownie Day, National Paperclip Day (yes, that’s a thing), Halloween or Thanksgiving, each big day is another reason to celebrate with brownie gifts. We’re equally obsessed with all of them.  
  18. 25 Years. Few businesses are lucky enough to make it through their first year. We’re here 25 years later having just as much fun. We're thankful for all our customers who got us here 
  19. Farm fresh eggs. Some might call it the glue that holds all our Fairytale Treats together.
  20. Chocolate chips. They help us spread the most joy by being the most popular flavor of any Fairytale Treat.
  21. Mint. Nothing helps you get into the spirit of the holidays (and our busiest season) like the whole building smelling like fresh mint. We love it!
  22. Free shipping. Our team worked overtime to figure out how we could offer free shipping on all our gourmet brownie gifts — and people love it. We’re thankful for getting to spread even more joy.
  23. Wood boxes. Adding luxury wood box to our line of brownie gifts has helped people cherish their gift even longer. We love seeing how people reuse their gifts over and over.
  24. Collaboration. Working with businesses throughout the years to give brownies to their clients and colleagues has helped us build friendships across the country. It’s been a surprising and great part of the last 25 years.
  25. The Future. This is just the beginning. We are so thankful we get to continue making delicious, gourmet brownie gifts for you.


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