3 April Fool's Day pranks the Fairytale Brownie won't play on you

No one knows the exact origin of April Fool's Day. Some say it's a celebration of Spring and a reason to be lighthearted. Others say April 1 was the celebration of New Year's Day prior to the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar. Whatever its history, April Fool's Day is a day to play silly, foolish tricks on anyone and everyone.

Our Fairytale Brownie is somewhat of a jokester, so I asked him what kinds of tricks he would play if he was allowed to do so. This is what he said:

1. To my cousin who claims I never think of him: I would send an empty box that should have been filled with 12 gourmet brownies (a Fairytale Dozen). My message would read: Traded thoughts of you for brownies. Enjoy your box of THOUGHTS. I enjoyed the treats! Love, Brownie


2. To my sister who is easy to annoy: I will ship brownies that have a bite taken out of each one. My message would read: I tested these fudge brownies to make sure they are fresh. They are! Love, Brother Brownie





3. To my Mom who LOVES chocolate, but always is watching her weight: I would email her a photo of a Toffee Crunch brownie; My message would read: Enjoy your virtual Belgian chocolate brownie, Mom. It's calorie-free! Love, your favorite and only Brownie son

Well... I'm glad we're not allowing the Fairytale Brownie to play any tricks on our customers. The above suggestions are quite tame compared to what I've heard some people have done. Here is a sampling:

1. One person brought caramel apples into to the workplace on April 1. The unsuspecting caramel apple lover took a bite and discovered the apple really was an onion.

2. Another person created a beautifully-frosted cake shaped like an egg and brought it into work. The person cutting the cake received a shock and a little bit of frosting in the face when the cake exploded. It seems that the "cake" was really an inflated balloon.

3. Another person shared homemade cupcakes with her co-workers. The cupcake was realy meatloaf and the frosting was colored mashed potatoes. (This actually sounds yummy.)

Whatever you have planned for April 1, remember to only play tricks on those who can appreciate your sense of humor.

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