5 Reasons to Give Corporate Food Gifts Year Round

The days of giving corporate food gifts just during the holidays have long gone. Businesses send gifts for a variety of reasons and at various times throughout the year. Here are five reasons to use Fairytale Brownies corporate food gifts throughout the year:

corporate food gifts1. Welcome New Employees - You've recruited, interviewed and hired those new employees. Now it's time to welcome them to the team. Surprise them with a branded gourmet brownie gift sent to their home. They'll feel a part of the team before they even start their first day at work.

2. Reward Existing Employees - They're hard working, loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Show your employees a little appreciation for a job well done with a gourmet gift of fudge brownies, cookies or bars. Any time of year is the right time to say, "thank you."

corporate food gifts3. Attract New Clients - Send prospective clients a little food gift customized with your full-color logo. Include a personalized gift message offering your services. They'll enjoy the delicious treats and remember your business first.

4. Build Brand Awareness - Do your customers often refer friends and family to your business? These folks are building your brand. Reward their efforts with a corporate food gift from Fairytale Brownies.

5. Develop Corporate Culture - Of course it takes more than fudge brownies to create a positive corporate culture, but you have to admit - Fairytale Brownies WILL sweeten up the environment. Employees matter; their opinions matter. Ordering corporate food gifts quarterly for the office is just one step to letting them know you agree.


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