5 Ways to Use Fudge Brownies from Fairytale For Year-Round, In-House Company Gift Giving

fudge brownies, gourmet cookiesSmart businesses have discovered Fairytale Brownies as a year-round gifting company. Obviously, we are the perfect holiday go-to, but consider the following monthly or even weekly options for in-house corporate gifting:

  1.  Employee birthdays, anniversaries – Acknowledge your employees’ birthdays or anniversaries with a delicious treat of fudge brownies or gourmet cookies. Whether it’s a small token of remembrance with a Birthday 8-Sprite Favor, or a grander Congratulations Cookie & Brownie Combo, they’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness. Businesses send us their monthly list and we ship the gift to the birthday or anniversary recipients as their special day approaches.
  2. Department Goals – Does your team regularly set and achieve its goals? Send us the list of achievers and we will reward them with an office food gift of your choice.
  3. Campaign Launch/Close – Whether you are launching or closing a campaign, we can make sure your celebration will happen as planned. If your campaign is national, we can deliver fudge brownies, gourmet cookies and chewy bars to each address in time for every event across the country. Do you need items customized with your corporate logo? We will print your full-color logo on the gift or gift message as requested.
  4. New Hires – Welcome new employees to the corporate family with a memorable gift of fudge brownies from Fairytale Brownies. You both will be starting off the relationship in a positive way.
  5. Incentives – If your company has safety standards or other goals that employees need to meet, use gourmet chocolate gifts from Fairytale Brownies as an incentive.

If you would like more information on our gourmet gift program, contact us at corporate@brownies.com or 602.489.5123 . We will be happy to spread the brownie love at your place of business.

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