A Fairytale Brownie Review from Hugs & Cookies XOXO

Often times we'll ask fellow bloggers to do a review of our brownie gifts so we get an outsiders perspecitive (in addition to the feedback we get from our customers) on the Fairytale experience . . . from first to last bite! Below is a review given by fellow dessert lover, Danielle, from Hugs & Cookies blog.


"No Joke! These brownies, bars and cookies are amazing! I know because my son and I dove right inot this box 30 minutes ago and have tried several already. First of all, the gourmet goodies came wrapped so beautifully! A perfect gift! The brownies taste as if they were freshly baked, and the Caramel filled variety has a true WOW factor. Need a to send a gift? Head over to Fairytale Brownies. You can also find them on Facebook. Tell them Hugs & Cookies sent you when you visit! Mail Fairytale Brownies as a gift and you will be forever loved. Thanks Fairytale Brownies for making me your newest fan!"  Photo's and review courtesy of Hugs & Kisses.


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