A Fairytale Brownies visit for Rowdy & Sophia!

My niece and nephew, Rowdy and Sophia, were here on summer break from Texas for about a week.  While in Phoenix the kids were lucky enough to visit me at work for my birthday. . . what kid wouldn't enjoy a personal, behind the scenes tour of Fairytale Brownies?! 

I sometimes forget how special a tour of a chocolate factory can be, so it was exciting for me to show them the different processes in making gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies, cookies and truffles.  They also learned about making gourmet brownie gifts, and were even able to put some boxes together and ship the brownie packages to family members back home.  They are still young, but none the less, it was an eye opening experience I doubt they will soon forget.  The best part was getting to pick their own brownies at the end of the tour and sample some new flavors of cookies that will be introduced this Fall. 

I will always be remembered as aunt Nini, their "favorite" aunt who worked at Fairytale Brownies and got them fudgy chocolate brownies and scrumptious cookies! 
Rowdy & Sophia

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Name: Monica
Time: Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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