A friendly wager of Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Ok, so I'm a baseball fan! No secret there! Arizona Diamondbacks are my team but I first fell in love with the game as a child growing up outside of Pittsburgh in a small town in Ohio. I grew up a Pirates fan but moved to Arizona and the Dbacks soon became my new favorite team. It's always bittersweet when my two favorite baseball teams play each. A friend of mine who is a big Pirates fan suggested a little friendly wager this week as the Dbacks take on the Pirates in Pittsburgh. I replied, " A wager? I'm in"!! I asked, "So, what's the wager"? My friend replied, "If the Pirates win the series, I get Fairytale Brownies"! I agreed to this request only if I get my favorite meatball sandwich from my hometown flown in overnight on dry ice. My friend agreed and said, "deal"!

As is stands, the two teams are tied 1-1 in this series so I won't know until the end of the week if I get a "taste of home" or if I send Gourmet Brownies "back home". Either way, it will be a win for me! After all, isn't it better to give Fudgy Chocolate Brownies than receive?   

Go Dbacks!

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