A little Fairytale gourmet brownie love helped brighten friend's day

This is our final week of customer stories submitted as part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration. This week's story was submitted by Crystal Temple-Owens of Las Vegas:

"One day I was reading Facebook and saw that one of my friends was having a tough time. Her husband had just had surgery, she had job issues and had to take care of her two boys.

My first thought was: What would I do to brighten up her day?

The answer was to send Fairytale Brownies her way!

Years ago, the company I used to work for received a gift of Fairytale Brownies for Christmas and I was instantly hooked and knew that this is the kind of gift that really gives a boost to a bad day. I promptly ordered the brownies for my down-in-the-dumps friend as an anonymous gift. She got them very quickly and was very excited. She expressed how it really gave her an extra boost. I can't wait to order more brownies!

Story aside, I truly enjoy your brownies and love to see that your brownies are spreading like delicious wildfire!"


Crystal - What a thoughtful thing to do! Receiving a delicious and anonymous fudge brownie gift would make MY day as well. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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