a special christmas gift

Almost a year ago (it was a week before the thanksgiving) i got a special gift from an unknown angel. we were to tell our stories on fairytale blog and i wrote mine. the short version of my story was that due to bad economy i had saved by money to buy fairytales brownies for my husband as a Christmas gift for him. since he loves these brownies so much so i though it would be a perfect gift. but unfortunately a really good friend of mine had an accident. due to our personal reasons we were not talking to each other prior to her accident. but me feeling bad used the money i was saving up for my husband and send her these delicious treats instead. as expected she just melted at the sight of this beautiful gift. we made up and happily that i got my friend back, shared this story with everyone on the fairytale blog. then someone (i will not take her full name as im not sure she will be comfortable with it) got my address from the fairytale staff and send me a box instead. although it was a small gesture but it brought tears to my eyes. she was certainly our Christmas angel. There still are people in this world who can do good for people they don't know. And she was one of them. thank you my friend.. i shall never forget this small gesture of yours.

Name: sheeza mansoor
City: bowie
State: MD

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