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A Twenty Year Fairytale with Fairytale Brownies!
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February 21, 2014

I never thought I'd still be here, but twenty years later here I am still working at Fairytale Brownies, and what a Fairytale it's been!

This "Fairytale Journey" (as I call it) began when I answered a want ad in the Arizona State University school paper.  At the time I was hired to sell our delicious gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies at street fairs, festivals and farmer's markets across the Valley. 

I also helped out wherever I was needed - in a small entrepreneurial start-up, everyone does everything.  Some days that meant cracking eggs to help Mike (Eileen's husband and our first baker) and Ron (neighborhood friend, baker, band member) in the kitchen, delivering brownies to grocery stores, working our tiny retail shop, taking orders over the phone. . . the list goes on and on! 

As the word got out and we attended more events, people began asking if we would ship Fairytale Brownies to family and friends, so we did, and that's how the mail order aspect of the business came to be.  Now we are considered one of the premier gourmet food catalogers in the industry and we ship world-wide.

Throughout my twenty years with Fairytale Brownies I have worked in every department and now oversee the Operations.  I've certainly learned a lot, and having great role models in David Kravetz and Eileen Spitalny has been life changing.

Twenty years later our products have also evolved.  Not only do we have a full line of delicious gourmet brownies that come in a variety of flavors and sizes, but we also have a line of yummy Fairytale Cookies and Fairytale Bars.  Not to mention an extensive array of beautiful gift packages, all custom designed in-house.

As I write this blog I can't help but think about how far this little brownie company has come and what a Fairytale Journey it's been, so cheers to twenty more years of chocolaty happiness, adventure and joy!


David, Eileen and I --- Then!

David, Eileen, and Kim back in the day


David, Eileen, Mike and I --- Now!

David, Eileen, and Kim today


Also, here's an archived video from our early years (1994-2000). This documents our first three locations and what it was like working in very cramped quarters!

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