Adventures of Fairytale Brownies!

Adventures of the Fairytale Brownies Marketing team in New Orleans, LA last week!

We happened upon a Harley Davidson rally while we were in New Orleans. There were rows and rows of different types of bikes there. We thought this buffalo bike cover was very interesting...and kind of scary too! Yes, this is a REAL buffalo head. Erin feeding the Harley Buffalo a Taste Of Pure Enchantment (He's getting a taste of an Original Fairytale Sprite)!

Had a FABULOUS dinner at Brigsten's in New Orleans, LA while there for the ACCM conference. And look...this crawfish is trying to escape with our Fairytale Sprite! Looks like he is a fan of gourmet chocolate brownies too! Tee Hee :-)

Our Fairytale Sprite traveled all the way to Savannah Georgia, literally, and ate dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, "The Lady and Sons." Our Chocolate Chip Fairytale Sprite is posing with a bottle of Paula's famous Hot Sauce. I sparked up an interesting conversation with the bartender and another customer eating at the bar about brownies due to taking this picture! It was very fun.

We had lots of fun taking snap shots with the brownie - and it sparked a lot of conversation with people wondering what the heck we were doing taking pictures brownies in different poses! Lot's of people in the south are now really educated - and excited - about Fairytale Brownies! 
~ Hilary

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