An American Creation - Mouthwatering Mail-Order Gourmet Brownies!

While Americans display their patriotism through service, song, and ceremony, Fairytale Brownies displays patriotism through the baking and shipping of our gourmet brownies, cookies and bars. For more than 21 years, our mail-order brownie company has baked and shipped gourmet treats right here in the great state of Arizona. We are very proud to bake locally and ship brownie gifts produced right here in the US. 

Our fudge brownies, chewy cookies and buttery blondie bars are baked with the finest ingredients - US grade AA farm fresh eggs and real creamery butter. Each treat is individually wrapped and then hand packed in whimsical gift packaging that is produced right here in the US. Our Classic gift box has a chocolate brown exterior with a purple and white-starred folding flap closure and matte-silver lined interior and is manufactured in the state of Utah, while our Enchanted gift box is a sturdy set-up design with a white base and purple lid lined with white magical stars is manufactured in Ohio.  Both box types can be wrapped with special occasion gift bands which are also printed in the US at Prisma Graphics in Tempe, Arizona. 

Enchanted Box                                                                  Classic Box wrapped in a Patriotic Gift Band

brownie gift delivery      gourmet brownie delivery


Although Fairytale Brownies bakes and packages our gourmet treats in the United States, we ship our gifts worldwide! Additionally, in support of our military, Fairytale Brownies sends 10 monthly brownie gifts to deployed US soldiers worldwide through Soldiers Angels / Angel Bakers


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