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Hello, Fairytale Fans!
I'm Alyssa Andrews and work in the Marketing Department at Fairytale Brownies. My official title is Sales and PR. In addition to the obvious, I am Co-Founder Eileen Spitalny's assistant, I research new Fairytale products, coordinate donations, and maintain our KaBOOM! partnership.

I have a journalism background so I'm naturally "nosy." I make it a point to know as much as I can about all things Fairytale Brownies, so if you have any questions, just ask!

Come hungry to see & sample fudge brownies, new blondies at Fairytale Brownies event

Each fall, Fairytale Brownies introduces a new product or package to the line up, and then showcases what's new with an open house in the bakery store. This year, we have both two new blondie flavors and new packaging to share.

fudge browniesPlease join us for an after hours See & Sample event from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at the Fairytale Bakery to see our new gift packaging and sample our new Cinnamon Crumb Bar and Lemon Blondie Bar. Arrive hungry because you also will be able to sample every fudge brownie, chewy cookie and buttery bar flavor that Fairytale Brownies bakes!

The first 100 attendees will receive a special goody bag filled with Fairytale Brownies treats.

We will sell "rejects" for $1. A "reject" is a Brownie, Sprite, Magic Morsel, Cookie or Bar that may taste delicious, but doesn't meet Fairytale's strict visual standards. The walnut pieces might not be evenly distributed on top, or there are crumbs in the wrapper when there shouldn't be. These treats can't be packed in our...

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'Think About' book takes enchanting look at Fairytale Brownies

fudge browniesDuring the past 21 years, Fairytale Brownies and co-founders Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz have been featured in several books focused on marketing and entrepreneurship. Their most recent mention is in "Think About, 77 Creative Prompts for Innovators," by Andrea Syverson.

Each two-page chapter in "Think About" focuses on a verb like - Create, Notice, Share, Motivate - to stimulate the imagination, and a different company represents each verb. Fairytale Brownies' verb is Enchant.

Syverson, founder and president of IER Partners (a brand builder), writes about her enchanting experience visiting the Fairytale Bakery and eating fudge brownies.

Each chapter ends with a verb-related question for readers to think about.

"Every product can benefit from a bit of fairy dust." Syverson writes. "How can you wave an enchantment wand over your product? What more can you do to make it even more emotionally appealing?"

Because our fudge brownies are already enchanting by themselves, we've made our...

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Eat fudge brownies while giving back to the community

fudge brownies

If any Fairytale Brownies fans will be in the San Francisco area this weekend, stop by Ghirardelli Square for the 18th Annual Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival!

Fairytale Brownies will be just one of the many vendors sampling and selling their delicious chocolate confections. From noon to 5 p.m. both Sept. 14 and 15, co-founder Eileen Spitalny will be sampling fudge brownies and buttery bars to ticket holders, and selling individual Fairytale treats and gifts as well.

Advance online ticket purchases are $20 for 15 samples; or $25 the day of the event. Proceeds will benefit Project Open Hand.

This is the third time that Fairytale Brownies has participated in Ghirardelli's Chocolate Festival.


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Order brownies in Fairytale's new classic gift box

We all were so excited at Fairytale Brownies today. Our new classic gift boxes arrived and they are just beautiful!

gourmet brownies, order brownies

Soon, when you order brownies from Fairytale, your classic gifts will arrive in the familiar brown box, but instead of the box being lined with purple tissue paper, a purple-starred flap and a silver and brown button enclosure with wishes of "Enjoy" will cover the gift.

order brownies, gourmet brownies

The new flap makes it easy to open and re-close the box  - in case you don't eat all of your gourmet brownies in one sitting.

Customers who purchase Fairytale classic gifts such as the Fairytale Dozen, Fairytale Medley, or Bar & Sprite Combo, will  soon discover our new box for themselves. Of course, we need to use up our old-style boxes first, so don't be disappointed if you don't experience the new box right away.

Be patient. It's coming.

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Serve fudge brownies at your Labor Day celebration

fudge browniesMake sure fudge brownies are included in your Labor Day party plans this weekend.

Fudge brownies are an all-American dessert. They can be served by themselves on a simple platter or dressed up in a variety of ways.

Here are a few ideas for your Labor Day celebrations:

fudge brownies












Brownie Sundae Delight

fudge brownies










Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle

fuge btrownies








Brownie and Fruit Kabobs

The dessert possibilities are endless. Think Fairytale Brownies fudge brownies, cookies and bars, and you'll create a dessert they'll ask you to bring back next summer.

Happy Labor Day!

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Fairytale Brownies to offer custom food gift online upload ordering feature

custom food giftsFairytale Brownies customers who purchase custom food gifts will soon be able to complete the entire ordering process online without the help of a customer service representative.

The process is quite simple. Beginning Sept. 9, customers will choose their custom food gifts online and then click the "select artwork file" button on the product details page to initiate the artwork file upload. Then they will select a JPG, AI, PDF or EPS file from their computers, accept some terms and conditions, and upload the files.

A proof of the logo will appear on the computer screen for the customer to approve. The logo will be stored on the customer's account for future orders, and it can be changed as needed.

There are no art set-up fees and no minimum gift purchases required. Orders usually can ship within 48 hours from the time being placed.

As always, if a customer ever has a problem ordering online, a customer service representative will be happy to help out at 800.531.5209.


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College students must have money and fudge brownies

After sending three children off to college over the past nine years, I've discovered there are two things that they always need: Money and fudge brownies.

Of course, money will get them through pretty much anything: Laundry, food, gas, dates, entertainment.

But did you know the same could almost be said for fudge brownies? The need for fudge brownies can arise almost any time of the day.

fudge brownies

A couple of Cream Cheese Magic Morsels first thing in the morning will hold a student over until a more balanced meal can be consumed later. Just remember the words, "cream cheese," are breakfast words, and put your worries to rest.

fudge brownies

Then there's the Peanut Butter fudge brownie - great for a mid-afternoon study snack. Did you know that peanuts are high in protein?

fudge brownies

The Walnut Sprite is a single-serving size, and will keep the student's energy up during those long nights of writing essays.

fudge brownies

The best brownies, though, are the extra ones your student can share with friends.

Send comfort food to college when you...

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Get over the hump with Raspberry Swirl gourmet brownies

Hey Mike! Mike! What day is it?

Yes, today is hump day, (love that commercial!) but it's also National Raspberry Cake Day. Although we don't have any cake on hand, we DO have something even better - plenty of dark chocolate Raspberry Swirl Brownies.

Fairytale Brownies bakes Raspberry Swirl gourmet brownies in three sizes - 3" x 3" brownies, 3" x 1.5" Sprites and 1.5" x 1.5" Magic Morsels - using imported Italian raspberry puree and other fine quality ingredients.

Celebrate Raspberry Cake Day by snacking on a gourmet brownie by itself, or serving it as a Sundae topped with delicious Raspberry Sauce.

To be honest with you, I've always preferred some of our other brownie flavors (Toffee Crunch, Peanut Butter, Caramel) over the Raspberry Swirl. But I recently had to taste test the raspberry for quality control and it was so delicious, it has become my new favorite flavor. I'm so glad we bake 12 flavors. I can change my mind on favorites quite often!



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Gourmet brownies are perfect for the royal baby in your family

Boy, gourmet brownies Everyone loves a fairytale. And when the story includes a baby, well, we women love it even more!

A new little prince was born to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William yesterday and the world rejoiced. Most of us only know the couple from a distance via the media, but that didn't stop us from sharing their baby news with everyone yesterday: It's a Boy!

Now we wait to catch a glimpse of his beautiful face, hear his name and watch him live happily ever after.

At Fairytale Brownies, two mamas, two grandmas, and a great aunt (me!) are still waiting for our own "royal" babies to be born. With each birth announcement, we are so filled with joy for the family. The births may not make the world news, but each one is royal news in our world.

Of course we'll celebrate the births with gourmet brownies, gift baskets of cookies and food gifts galore. With so many varieties of Fairytale treats, even the most disinterested relative will enjoy visiting the new addition to the family.


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Fairytale Brownies to introduce two new bar flavors in fall food gift options

We have given you a few glimpses of Fairytale Brownies' two new blondie bars to be introduced in September, but I have to tell you - I've had more than a few glimpses and more than a FEW sample TASTES. The Lemon Blondie and Cinnamon Crumb are mouthwateringly tasty.

food giftfood gift










How should we describe them?

The Lemon Blondie: A combination of cake, cookie and brownie in texture, we combine a touch of tart and a bit of sweet in the batter. Then we top it with lemony icing for pure melt-in-your-mouth enjoyment. So refreshing, you will want to lick your fingers when you're done.

The Cinnamon Crumb: This bar reminds me of apple pie without the apples. Fragrant, spicy cinnamon crumbs mix with crunchy walnuts to create  the sweet and memorable taste of home. This bar conjures so many happy childhood memories for me that it could be my new "comfort" food. It's perfect for breakfast, snacks and dessert... Okay, it will work for lunch and dinner, too.

The new bar flavors will be available in September...

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