Back from Affiliate Summit West 2012

Hilary LeeLast week, I attended the Affiliate Summit West 2012 conference in Las Vegas. Affiliate Summit is the premier affiliate marketing conference for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers. This was not my first conference, but it was certainly the biggest I have attended with over 5,100 attendees! 

It's important at Fairytale Brownies to foster the relationship with our business partners, vendors and affiliates. I met several of our affiliates - many of which I have corresponded with for years by email but had never met in person. I liked putting a face with a name; it makes the relationship much more personal. 

I attended every breakout session they offered to soak up as much knowledge as I could, and ask as many questions to the veterans as possible. I picked up many actionable items that I could do in-house to better manage Fairytale Brownies affiliate program. In addition, I networked, networked, and networked. I brought 40 8-Sprite Gift Favors, along with many catalogs and business cards and handed them out to speakers, networks, and conference attendees. The coolest thing was talking about the Fairytale Brownies story, and letting people know that this year is our 20-year Anniversary

All-in-all the conference was a hit, the brownie gifts were a hit, and the Venue in Vegas was a hit. If you have the chance, I recommend attending a conference in your industry. The benefits are amazing! ~Hilary

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