Ballet dancer enjoys Fairytale Brownies and is still light on her feet

This week's customer story is from Katie O'Harra:

"I know ballet dancers and brownies are not commonly put together, but for me, they are. A few years ago, I moved from my hometown; and also where I had danced since I could remember. At the last dance company I trained with in my hometown, was my beloved Mrs. Susan. She was my role model as a woman, for godly living, and in successful dancing. Yet, she had always treated me as a daughter, seeing that she only had two boys of her own. Although we are far from each other, we still visit and talk often, and she is such an encouragement.

Now, for how brownies fit in.

bulkMrs. Susan introduced me to your delectable brownies. Whenever I had a birthday, special show, or even Christmas rolled around - I often found your brownies at my door. I love them, and now she knows that! I receive them from her, often with a chuckle of 'you're a dancer, you burn off the brownies anyways!' Since she first gifted me Fairytale Brownies, I have suggested them to my friends for gifting and also given them myself to friends and family. They are a great way to share the love!!

Thank y'all so much!" - Katie O.

Katie - Aren't Fairytale's delivery brownies the best? There's nothing like seeing that white shipping box of gourmet brownies waiting for you at the front door.

Of course, Mrs. Susan is correct about burning those calories. Fudge brownies and chewy cookies can be on any menu if one balances diet and exercise.

Thank you for being a Fairytale Brownies fan, Katie. We hope you continue to share the brownie love with your friends and family.

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