Belgian Chocolate Brownies Save Mother's Day!


Ok, Mother's day came and went. One glorious day of being pampered is all over! I enjoyed every moment of my Mother's day from being served coffee in bed to laughing at the funny cards, crying at the sentimental cards, and having my favorite meal cooked & served to me, poolside! Awhhhh......sounds wonderful, doesn't it? It was wonderful until company came knocking at my door and I realized that the boys don't bake so we have no dessert. Well, no worries there! Fairytale Brownies to the rescue! My freezer is always stocked full of Fairytale Cookies and Fudgy Chocolate Brownies! Within minutes I had a beautiful tray of decadent desserts! I impressed my surprised guests without heating up the kitchen or baking on Mother's day!

There is no reason for you to get caught off guard when unexpected guests show up at your front door either! Fairytale Brownies go from freezer to table in seconds! I actually prefer mine a little on the frozen side but if you don't like a chilled dessert, try just a few seconds in the microwave and you have yourself a freshly baked treat from the oven! We have a variety of gift packages to chose from that include cookies, brownies, or truffles, all of which freeze very well! Check us out at!

"All I really need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt"-Charles Schulz

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