Best Brownies!

Well, I'm back after being off of the grid for a while. I took a couple of much needed days off of work after the holiday. I'm sure quite a few of you did the same! Now that the major holiday rush is over, our customer service department gets many comments about the Fairytale Brownies gifts that people received. There was one comment in particular that stuck out to me today and I thought that I would share with you. This customer is just as passionate and excited about Fairytale Brownies as we are!  ~ Hilary

Dear Fairytale Brownies,
I work for MGM/Mirage Corporation and all of us at our Contact Center received a Christmas gift from Lance Burton, which was a 4 Brownie Gift Favor. Well...when I got home from work, I gave one of the brownies to my boyfriend and I had one also. I have never ever tasted a brownie that good, needless to say, I ate the other three! When I went to work the ext day, I asked one of my co-workers if she had tried them and she too thought your brownies were to die for. I have been raving to everyone who will listen that your brownie are the BEST I have ever had. I love brownies...forget cake, I want brownies! Thank you for making a small treat truly a delight. I will be placing an order soon. I know I can't go long without having another, and another, and another.
Sincerely, Vonnie J.

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