Best Brownies For Road Trip Snacking!

magic morselsMy husband and I are heading out on our first road trip with our 6.5 month old daughter on Thursday. We'll be driving at least 7 hours to California to visit friends for the long weekend, and for us, road trips mean snacks. Our staples are beef jerky, fruit and, of course, fudgy chocolate brownies. I've been working here at Fairytale Brownies for 5 years, so our Belgian chocolate brownies have become a frequent snack. We especially like to take Magic Morsels mini brownies on the road with us, as they are easy to eat quickly and offer a great little energy burst when you've been driving for hours.
fairytale cookies
This time, we will also take some gourmet cookies to share with our friends upon arrival. We're going to thank them for their hospitality with a sneak peek of our two new cookie flavors (Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate, if you're wondering) that will be available for cookie delivery next week.

It should be a fun weekend of cooler weather, great friends and good memories with our baby girl. Our friend (from college in Indiana) happens to work for Food Tools, which makes the cutting machine we use here in our bakery. I'm hoping he'll show me around where they make the machines so I can share that with you next week, so keep your eyes open for that! 

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