Best Brownie, Best Blondie, Best Cookie & on and on...

Email I received yesterday - "OH MY GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE !! I took one bite of a Pecan Blondie from the package that arrived from Nirvana and had to write to say, from our entire staff THANK YOU!! Ok, I just stopped to take another bite.

Adam had the Espresso first, then a White Chocolate. Marcus had the Walnut, then Raspberry White Chocolate and Tom went straight for the White Brownie Cream Cheese, followed by Cream Cheese.

Another bite. Oh my, it’s gone. Time for another, What shall it be???

You are making some marvelous magic there in the desert, and we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again, I’m now going for seconds. We promise to save some for others, if we can.

Jon Tom Marcus and Adam."

** I sent this Fairytale Combo Gift as a thank you gift to Jon at PSAV in San Diego for his help.

Fairytale Brownies, Bars & Cookies

Brought such a smile to my face, I am so lucky spreading joy is my job! Next time you need to make someone this happy, think about delivering Fairytale Brownies to their desk or doorstep.



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Best Cookies - Fairytale's Double Chocolate Cookies!

Best Cookies I was just visiting the Fairytale Brownies bakery kitchen, and they were taking Double Chocolate cookies out of the oven.  I wanted to grab one "hot" off the line and just out of the oven, but alas, we're not allowed to do that . . . . In my humble opinion though, I do think they are the best cookies around!

These scrumptious cookies will soon be packaged into one of our custom designed gift boxes and will make the best cookie gift for a very lucky recipient. There is nothing simpler than gourmet cookies, and our team takes pride in simplifying your gift-giving needs.

It's not too early to get your holiday gift list together and remember. . . . . we're here to take the stress out of the holidays for you, it's what we do.  Visit for our entire line of goodies and place your order, or contact us at 1-800-324-7982 for more information - our gourmet gifts are great for any occasion!

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New Baby Brownie & Cookie Gift Baskets

My brother and sister-in-law recently added a new addition to our family, my nephew Ryan! They had been trying to have kids for quite a while, and started wondering if it was in the "grand plan" for them. So when Ryan finally arrived, it was such a happy occasion for the family. They didn't have any children previously, so they needed lots of "stuff"; everything a newborn baby would need.

The family rallied, and got them mostly everything they needed for Ryan. One thing they weren't prepared for however, were the late late nights, and lack of sleep. That's where I came in!

I sent an abundance of fudgy brownies and chewy cookies to the new parents to help sustain them trough those long, late night feedings. Now that Ryan is almost 6 months old, he's finally sleeping through the night, but that doesn't mean that the craving for gourmet snacks has left the building :)  I'm their link to the best brownie & cookie treats, and I'm happy to send them over whenever they call.

Do you know someone...

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Billboard beckons brownie lover to Fairytale bakery

This week's customer story was submitted by Rachel Kurowski of Arizona:

"I found out about Fairytale Brownies from seeing a billboard on my way to a family party in the Tempe area. This was about two years ago, and I had pestered my fiance to take me there a few times, but he told me it was too far. When we did happen to be in the area though, it was always too late and the store would be closed (by the way, I guess a suggestion would be longer hours :)).

Anyway, I decided to look up your Facebook page one day when I had a craving for some brownies. I then asked if there was anywhere else I could find some of these enchanted morsels and I was told that they were sold at AJ's Fine Foods. So, I was all set to go get some, when I saw a posting for a contest and entered. It must have been fate because I won and was sent tickets to a play of "The Borrowers" (which was so adorable), and a variety package of your delicious brownies.

I haven't had a chance to get any since, because I don't live...

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Fairytale Brownies NEW Cookie Machine!

We recently acquired a new cookie machine to aid in the production of our cookie line, and we couldn't be more thrilled!!!  After producing over 300,000 + of the best cookies around last holiday season (all by hand) we soon realized that we were in need of a machine to help speed up the process and make it more efficient.  We desperately needed an extruder to help maximize the dispensing process, as the dough production process is already fairly simple. . . and that's just what this machine does! 

Previously, we were able to produce up to 5 batches per day during off season production (approx 320 cookies per batch) with about 6 people manning the line, but with the new machine we are able to produce up to 16 batches in the same amount of time, with 2-3 people on the line.  This allows the other team members to concentrate on other tasks in the kitchen, and at the same time allows us to better meet our ever increasing projections in a much more efficient way.  So, bring on the holidays!


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Fairytale fan makes fudge brownies a part of annual "girls slumber party"


This week's customer story was submitted by Shannon Mummey of Waldorf, MD.

"I am such a fan of Fairytale Brownies and am always bragging on them to my friends here in MD. Each summer, my girlfriends and I have our annual "girls slumber party." We all graduated from high school together (Thomas Stone High School Class of '87!) and this has been an annual event started before we graduated. The number of girls varies from year to year - some live out of state, some have other obligations, etc. We have crabs (that may sound funny to anyone outside of the East Coast, but it's a southern Maryland tradition!) and everyone brings a side/snack/dessert.

This year, I decided I would treat them all to Fairytale Brownies! As luck would have it, I had a couple of Groupons on hand so was able to get a variety of treats for everyone to enjoy. I ordered Magic Morsels in bulk - Chocolate Chip and Caramel -  and 12 Cream Cheese brownies. the girls LOVED them! They kept sneaking them out of the bag before...

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Save BIG on Brownie Gifts with Early Order Discounts!

Fairytale Brownies has delicious new gourmet treats coming your way this Fall 2012! From our new line of rich, buttery Fairytale Bars, to our all new combination gifts that include all three sizes of gourmet brownies, our chewy, Fairytale Cookies and decadent new bars, you're going to have many delicious options available for your  gift-giving needs! Visit for a preview of new gifts available this September!  

Act now, and Fairytale Brownies is offering you the opportunity to save big on brownie gifts . . . no matter what time of year you send brownies! Save up to 30% with Early Order Discounts! No addresses or gift selections are needed. Just prepay a minumum of $500 now, and order gifts when you're ready. We'll help you find the best gifts for your budget and follow up with you as the holiday's approach. Take a look at our savings chart below. It's easy to get more information . . . call customer service at 800.531.5209 or email, and we'll help...

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Brownies Delivered for 20 Fairytale Years with the Help of Kim Silva

Fairytale Brownies 20th Anniversary logo

This year we are continuing to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of delivering the very best in personal and corporate food gifts featuring gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies.  Each month Eileen and I have been sharing stories and memories of the past 20 years.  I thought for this post that I would share a story about our longest employed team member, Kim Silva.  Kim has been with Fairytale Brownies for over 18 years and she has been a key part of our success.  She came to us in 1994 right out of college at Arizona State University.  Kim was originally hired on a part time basis to help us run the farmers' markets that we were doing at the time.  Fairytale Brownies was originally conceived as a wholesale business, but we decided to participate in street fairs and farmers' markets to help with our sales.  We quickly found out that customers wanted us to ship brownie gifts for them to friends and relatives all over the country.  This is how we ended up in the business of selling mail...

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Customer becomes Fairytale fan after watching 'Food Finds' feature

This week's customer story is written by Ann Bride:

Every day I would feed my baby, then hold him until he fell asleep. Then I would just sit there and watch him sleep and catch up on my Food Network viewing. I was watching "Food Finds," and Sandra Pinckney was presenting Fairytale Brownies. I absolutely fell in love with the story, the owners, the idea of walking away from corporate America to do what you had a passion for. That message, along with the fabulous products, keeps me coming back! That was in 2000.

While I have only been ordering them since 2000, I know that I was the first of my friends to experience them, and I have proudly introduced them to others ever since.

Best regards, Ann Bride

Thank you, Ann! Since that Food Network airing, we have been featured on "Unwrapped" twice. Once for our fudge brownies, and once for our chewy cookies. Check them out!






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Taste Testing Gourmet Brownies!

Best BrowniesPart of my job here at Fairytale Brownies is to be on the Quality Control team. This means, once a week I go down to baking and examine the brownie and cookie batches that were baked that day. Today, I had the pleasure of sampling: Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Peanut Butter Brownies, and Pecan Brownies.

We take superior quality very seriously here, we make sure we ARE baking the BEST BROWNIES around, and we stand confidently behind our quality quarantee. We have strict guidelines to follow when we decide to pass the brownies and cookies to be recieved in yummy brownie and cookie gifts!   

Here are some reasons why we would hold a brownie or cookie:

  1. Misaligned label
  2. Crumbs in the label seal
  3. Product looks deficient in some way
  4. Taste may be off a bit (too sweet. . . not sweet enough?)

Even though we have a set recipe (which is TOP SECRET!), there are variations is any process. Anything can affect a recipe, even the temperature and humidity level outside can affect the...

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