Best-Tasting Fudgy Brownies!

cream cheese browniesOne of my favorite things I do here at Fairytale Brownies is quality control. This means that one day a week, I get to go downstairs and sample that day's Belgian chocolate brownies and gourmet cookies to make sure they are the best brownies and cookies we can make. Thanks to our amazing baking team, there is rarely a problem with any of our treats, but someone still tastes brownies every day to make sure that every time you send brownies, they meet our very high quality standards. Yesterday was a fantastic day of taste testing for me - full of my favorite flavors! I tasted one of the most beautiful (and delicious!) Cream Cheese brownies I've ever seen, a moist and chewy Double Chocolate cookie, and Caramel and Original bite-sized Magic Morsels. I'm happy to report that everything I sampled was truly a taste of pure enchantment!

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