Bribe 'em with Gourmet Chocolate Brownies!

Fairytale TrufflesWorking for a gourmet chocolate brownie company certainly has it's benefits! I take advantage of any opportunity I have to share the joy of Fairytale Brownies! I will admit, most often I share to get what I want! Recently, I shared a box of Fairytale Truffles with the office staff of my orthodontist. I actually bribed before I shared! You see, I needed a late day appointment and they were all booked. I am very persistent. I asked again, "Are you sure you don't have anything open around 4:45pm"? "Hmmm, it's a shame because I have a box of Fairytale Truffles that need to be eaten about 4:45 on Tuesday and I would love to share".  The office manager piped up and said, "I am here late on Tuesday, you can come in at 4:45pm". I picked up my new retainer, shared a box of truffles, and smiled all the way home! You see, I am not too proud to beg....and you don't have to be either!  


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