Fairytale fan writes of fudge brownie love!

This week's customer story is a poem written by Jenny Schrimshaw of Las Vegas, Nevada.

A knock at my door;
delivery in a box.
Just what could it be?
I ordered nothing,
my birthday is not this month,
but I take it in.
"Fairytale Brownie" -
It's BROWNIES! Eee! Just for me!
Brownies!! Mine mine mine!
Complete surprise. Wow!
I wonder who sent these here?
An amazing gift!
No name on the card,
no hint in my email box.
Oh well, brownie time!
One, two, three, four... EIGHT!
Peanut Butter! Toffee Crunch!
Why do you look sad?
I can't hear you over here.
Too busy tasting.
No crumb left behind,
delicious goodness savored,
tasted every one.
Two pair of sad eyes;
I can feel them watching me.
Trembling little chins.
Alright, alright, here -
I saved you kids half of each.
I know. You're welcome.

Jenny - Thank goodness you had some self control and shared your brownie gift with your children! Many people would have eaten all of the fudge brownies and then had to order more or suffer the consequences.

Thanks for writing a poem for us. - Alyssa

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