Brownie Gifts for the US Military & families

Send Brownies to Soldiers


In support of our military, Fairytale Brownies sends 10 monthly brownie gifts to deployed soldiers worldwide through Soldiers' Angels - Ladies of Liberty. Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led nonprofit with thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families (source:

Below is some of the great feedback we've received from our troops who have received brownie gifts abroad. Makes us to happy to bring smiles to their faces. Thank you to ALL of our military men and women sacrificing their lives everyday. 


"You cannot possibly know how much your delicious brownie gifts meant to the soldiers! Is was such a kind gesture to send such an assortment of chocolatey goodness. The brownies arrived wonderfully intact and were devoured almost immediately. These brownies really made our day. It was just the boost we needed. Thank you so much for keeping us going during this long, arduous deployment." ~V/R SSG R


"Your brownie gifts made it safely to Kabul, Afghanistan and tasted great. We received a box from a solider program and shared it with all the office. Often times, baked goods and chocolate do not ship well -- but because of your packaging it shipped great! Thank you for a wonderful product that we do not get in Afghanistan. It brought a little of home to many folks hears and tummies." ~Jo Ann G., Afghanistan


"The soldiers love Fairytale Brownies. I sent them two years ago when my daughter was in Iraq and got rave reviews.  I just sent a brownie gift to her in Afghanistan knowing that she and her friends will enjoy every last bite." ~Diann F., Sun City CA


"Hello, I just wanted to write a note to say "Thank You" so much for having the most awesome brownies and cookies! Being in a military installation (Middle East), everyday seems to be the same. I ordered brownies and put them out for the soldiers and co-workers who I am the supervisor of. They really enjoyed the brownies and I wanted to know if you did any voluntary donations because it would be very welcomed. Again, Fairytale Brownies brought smiles to the faces who were able to experience the brownies that I purchased. Keep up the good work --- you are indeed a bright spot in our day and life." ~Dawn G., US ARMY

Comments for Brownie Gifts for the US Military & families

Name: Cathy Bouldry
Time: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is there any way to add a squad to your list for donations? I have 10 soldiers that are serving in the middle east that have not been getting much mail or barely any care packages over last 3 or 4 months. They even wrote me to see if there is any way to get chocolate sweets to them recently. when first deployed ( 2nd deployment) I was able to must up various churches and groups to send a care package or two and some letters... but as time wears on, people get busy and sadly the economy also prevents them from sending what they would like to in their hearts of gratitude. Is there any way FiaryTale Brownies can get some brownies and cookies and bars out to them? If so please let me know! They would be greatful for anything right now! I can give you the name of the person who received the packages at the apo address and then the names of ea of the guys in the squad...( army... not sure if its called squad when there are 10 guys in their group serving together! ) PLMK... thank you! Graciously, Cathy B pbprojecthope a tyahoodotcom or palmbreezelife at yahoodotcom

Name: Hilary Lee
Time: Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Cathy -- Please email for military requests. She heads up this project for Fairytale Brownies. Ellie is our Customer Service Team Leader. Thank you!

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