Brownies & Beer Pairings - Perfect for a unique Valentine's Day Treat

Ever thought about a mouthwatering pairing such as delicious, gourmet brownies and hoppy, brewery beer? Or, how about fudgy brownies paired with a sweet, Moscato dessert wine? Hello... delicious much?! What a fantastic surprise your loved one will experience when you present them with this unique treat! They are sure to love this sweet surprise.

In 2012, Fairytale Brownies teamed up with Sleepy Dog Brewery to raise money for a local playground build in the Phoenix area. Below are the experts at Sleepy Dog and Fairytale Brownies recommendations for perfect brownie and beer pairings. 

  • White Chocolate Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Light American Lager" (crisp, light purposefully sweet).
  • Walnut Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Spring Marzen Seasonal" (copper lager with characteristic dryness; pleasant finish).
  • Peanut Butter Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Hefeweizen" (light, unfiltered German wheat-style ale; citrus, banana and clove).
  • Toffee Crunch Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Scottish Amber Ale" (smooth and sturdy, wee bit of dark-roasted malt and noble hops).
  • Caramel Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Irish Red Ale" (malty amber ale with a hint of dark-roasted malt, noble hops and subtle chocolaty finish).
  • Espresso Nib Fairytale Brownie - recommended with "Milk Stout" (dark, rich aromatic and malty specialty).


Brownie and Beer Pairings


If you're not a beer aficionado, no fear, our in-house wine expert (Alyssa - our Marketing and PR guru :)) recommended a few great Moscato's to pair with your Fairytale Brownies. Here is a list of delicious Moscato's to choose from:

  1. Bartenura Moscato
  2. Flip Flop Moscato
  3. Jacob's Creek Sparkling Moscato
  4. Barefoot Moscato
  5. Middle Sister Moscato

You can order brownies online at But if you're local, you can always stop by Fairytale Brownies retail store to pick up a few brownies for your tasting. We're here from 9am - 3pm Monday through Friday. Enjoy! ~Hilary

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