Brownies and Cookies and Cameras, Oh My!

 We're back at Rick Gayle Studio for another brownie photo shoot! This has been an exciting week for me, as I missed our last shoot when I was out on maternity leave. Rick and Kim Krejca, our food stylist, have been working hard to help our gourmet brownies and cookies put their best foot forward in our Spring and Summer 2012 mail order brownie catalogs. This is our favorite time of the year in marketing, as we get to work on the things that are coming up for Fairytale Brownies and we have a lot of fun getting getaway pictures of our delicious fudge brownies and gourmet cookies. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at a brownie gifts photo shoot.

Brownies and cookies in the refrigerator:
brownie fridge

Prepped brownies waiting for their big shot:
brownie table

Recreating a shot we love with a different, more versatile background:
gourmet brownies

A holiday gift of gourmet brownies on set:
holiday brownie gifts

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