Brownies, Babes, & Bunco

I was recently invited to my sister's house for "Girl's Bunco Night" as she desperately needed a sub. I was also asked if I would bring dessert, not just any dessert you see but rather I was told politely to bring Fairytale Brownies for dessert. Well, this made my very busy life a little easier! I walked right into our retail store which happens to be about 20 feet from my office and ordered a combination of Gourmet Chocolate Brownies, Fairytale Bars in all 4 flavors, and of course my favorite Fairytale cookie flavors, caramel pecan & coconut walnut! I cut all of the yummy treats into bite sized pieces, arranged them nicely on a beautiful tray and I have to admit, I impressed myself! The tray of Fairytale treats were received very well by all of the lades; they certainly appreciated the bite sized pieces so they could indulge in a variety of treats without all of the guilt. There was an array of different desserts and a spread of food fit for a queen but at the end of the evening, the ladies were talking about the  Fairytale Brownies, Bars, & Cookies. I was also invited to join this ladies group that meets monthly and I found myself wondering if it was me they really wanted or was it the brownies? It has to be the brownies as I placed last in this game of dice and won lowest score; but I would rather refer to it as "Beginner's Luck" because after all, I did take home a prize!

Here is a picture of some of the ladies with my sister Judy displaying my tray of Fairytale treats!

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Name: Hilary
Time: Thursday, March 28, 2013

I brought Fairytale Brownies to Bunco nigh at my sisters house as the Bunco prize if anyone hit a Bunco! The gal who hit Bunco loves the Fairytale half dozen she won :)

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