Visit our retail locations for Fudgy Chocolate Brownies!

Do you have the hankering for a gourmet fudgy brownie, but you don't want to wait to order brownies by mail? In addition to the Fairytale Bakery, Fairytale Brownies are available at retail locations throughout the United States. These locations carry individually wrapped Brownies and Sprites in 6 delicious flavors. We have additional retail locations in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Illinois, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

Recently I was on a shopping trip at AJ's Fine Foods in Mesa, AZ (Baseline & Val Vista) and spotted Fairytale Brownies at AJ's Fine Foods Boulangerie! If you happen to be located in Phoenix, stop by the Fairytale Bakery for rich, fudgy brownies, delidious, chewy cookies and our newest creation, Fairytale bars. The Fairytale Bakery is open Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm. Hope to see you here.

Fairytale Brownies located at the cash register of AJ's FIne Foods Boulangerie.

Fairytale Brownies at AJ's Fine FOods


Fairytale Brownies on display at AJ's Fine Foods.

Fairytale Brownies at AJ's Fine Foods

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"What's Working" in Marketing Mail Order Brownies and Mail Order Cookies

On Thursday, September 20, 2012 I will be giving a presentation at the directXchange conference sponsored by NEMOA - the National Etailing & Mailing Organization of America.  NEMOA offers etailing and catalog companies as well as industry service providers of all sizes an affordable network for sharing ideas and experiences, building relationships, exploring new opportunities, working together and learning about industry trends and issues that affect their businesses.  Founded in 1947, NEMOA is one of the nation's largest and most active multichannel merchant associations dedicated exclusively to the direct marketing industry.

The directXchange event is billed as "the leading forum for direct marketers across the country to share, learn and connect."  I am honored to have been invited to participate in a conference session entitled "New Tactics, New Ideas...What's Working?"  I will be presenting the session allongside my colleague Wade Jones from the Jouneys Group.

Having been in the...

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Printing Gourmet Food Gift Catalogs!

Last week, our designer, Erin, went to Wisconsin to get all of our Fairytale Brownies catalogs printed for the fall/holiday season. She was kind enough to take some pictures of the place that has printed millions of our gourmet brownie gifts catalogs since 2001. If you want to send mail order brownies or have cookies delivered this holiday season, be sure to head over here to make sure your name is on our mailing list! 

Here are rolls and rolls of paper used to print all kinds of food gift catalogs. 

rolls of paper

Getting ready to go onto the presses!

rolls of paper

Our color specialist, Hope, checking sheets off the press to make sure the fudgy brownies look great!

checking press sheets for brownie catalogs

Press operators checking pages and pages of corporate food gifts!

brownie gift catalogs

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Win our Sweet & Buttery Sweepstakes -- Gourmet Gifts by Mail!

After months of tasting and testing to find the right balance of texture and flavor, Fairytale Brownies is proud to introduce Fairytale Bars! They are the perfect complement to our time-honored assortment of premium gourmet chocolate gifts. Just like our gourmet brownies and cookies, Fairytale Bars are crafted from the finest, purest ingredients and backed by the same personalized customer care and unconditional guarantee. Fairytale Bars debut in for flavors: Chocolate Chip Blondie, Pecan Blondie, Raspberry White Chocolate and Cheesecake Swirl.

Fairytale Brownies Sweet & Buttery Sweepstakes!For the month of August, Fairytale Brownies is giving the chance to three lucky winners the opportunity to be the FIRST to taste our delicious Fairytale Bars! To enter, "Like" us and become a fan of our Facebook page: CLICK HERE. Once your on the sweepstakes page, fill out a short entry form, then cross your fingers for a win! 

Once you're a fan, you'll also get:

  • Exclusive Deals and Coupons
  • Sneak Peaks
  • Contests & giveaways
  • Chat/ask/share with...
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Making Brownie Gift Catalogs!

July is a busy time of year here for the Fairytale Brownies marketing team. We're busily trying to finish up our gourmet brownie gifts catalogs for this fall and the holiday season, and for me, that means reading, editing and compiling everyone else's edits for each draft of the catalogs. We just finished up our biggest round of edits. Check out the pile of catalog printouts on my desk today! We've made some changes to the catalogs this year, and I think our corporate food gifts buyers will especially like what they see in their mailboxes beginning in September. Actually, I think everyone who likes to order brownies and cookies is going to like what they see - I mean, who can complain about pages and pages of beautiful Belgian Chocolate brownies, gourmet cookies and more?!

If you aren't already on our mailing list, now is a great time to sign up at to ensure you get Fairytale Brownies' 2012 fall and holiday catalogs.

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It's Not Too Early To Start Thinking About Holiday Brownie Gifts

I know it's only June, but here at Fairytale Brownies we start thinking about the holiday season in January!  It's all about the planning because we do most of our business throughout the year during the busy December gift-giving season.  After Thanksgiving it's nothing but cookie delivery and brownie delivery  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The planning gets started early in January right after the season ends.  We figure out which gifts sold well and which ones didn't.  Then it's time to start thinking about the new products that we plan to introduce for the upcoming holiday season.  Since we specialize in food gifts, we're always introducing new products and new gift packaging.  Once we decide on the new items, we start experimenting in the test kitchen or designing the new packaging.  Since all of our gift packaging is custom, we have to design it well in advance.  Once designs or new recipes are complete we need to develop prototypes and test samples so that we can take photos...

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Brownies Delivered for 20 Fairytale Years with the Help of Kim Silva

Fairytale Brownies 20th Anniversary logo

This year we are continuing to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of delivering the very best in personal and corporate food gifts featuring gourmet Belgian chocolate brownies.  Each month Eileen and I have been sharing stories and memories of the past 20 years.  I thought for this post that I would share a story about our longest employed team member, Kim Silva.  Kim has been with Fairytale Brownies for over 18 years and she has been a key part of our success.  She came to us in 1994 right out of college at Arizona State University.  Kim was originally hired on a part time basis to help us run the farmers' markets that we were doing at the time.  Fairytale Brownies was originally conceived as a wholesale business, but we decided to participate in street fairs and farmers' markets to help with our sales.  We quickly found out that customers wanted us to ship brownie gifts for them to friends and relatives all over the country.  This is how we ended up in the business of selling mail...

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Sending Brownies to the Appalachian Trail!

Chris on the AT

I met my friend Chris in college back in Indiana (we both graduated from Ball State in 2006), 

and while I moved to Phoenix, he headed to Santa Barbara, CA. We weren't super close at the time, and we certainly didn't think we would see much of each other on our adventures through life. One day, I was sitting at my desk here at Fairytale Brownies, when someone called me down to our retail store because I had a friend who wanted to see me. It was Chris! I knew he worked for a company called FoodTools (who make portion control machines, including the cutter we use to cut our fudgy chocolate brownies), but I had no idea that he was our designated sales and service representative. 

Since then, we have become very close, as we quickly learned he and his now-wife had a lot in common with me and my husband. We meet up to run marathons and half-marathons at least once a year. 

The last time we saw Chris in February, he told us he was planning to take off in a few weeks to hike the entire...

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Fairytale Brownies Special Summer Packaging

Mail order Belgian chocolate brownies and other delectable treats delivered during the warm summer months. . . . Fairytale Brownies has it covered!  You may wonder how we can still ship our gourmet brownies, cookies and truffles during the hot summer months, well, it's because we use special summer packaging to help keep our treats intact until they reach their destination.  During the summer months (from June 1st through September 30th) all Fairytale Brownies shipments are packed in an insulated box with reusable cold packs.  We also limit our "standard" shipping days to Monday through Wednesday and some products, like Fairytale Truffles, require overnight delivery.  This helps to ensure the packages will not sit on a truck or in a warehouse for long periods of time, they keep moving to reach their destination.  We also offer "expedited" delivery services as needed (overnight, priority overnight and Saturday delivery).

Remember, it is normal for the cold packs to be soft or thawed upon...

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Gourmet Brownies on Camera!

It's photo shoot time again at Fairytale Brownies! Here's a look at our gourmet brownies on set for a corporate food gifts catalog that will be in mailboxes this fall. It all starts with getting every element positioned correctly for the shot. This particular picture will be the cover of a business catalog full of great gifts for all those businesses that want to order brownies for their clients during the holidays. 

corporate food gifts catalog gourmet brownies

And here is our graphic designer, Erin, and photographer, Rick, checking out the image to see how it fits on our mail order brownie catalog cover.

mail order brownies photo shoot

We're getting close! The caramel brownie has been heated and broken so the caramel inside the fudgy brownie is nice and melty when the piece is pulled away. 

fudgy brownies delivered photo shoot

Our food stylist, Kim, adding "coffee" to the cup. Fun food styling fact: Real coffee is too oily to photograph well, so you have to fake it. Every stylist has a go-to substitute, but I'll keep Kim's secret. :)

 gourmet brownie gifts and coffee

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