Brownies Delivered, and Getting RAVES!

Brownie Gift BasketThis morning when I checked my email, I saw a few customer raves sent to us through our website from some very happy brownie recipients! I had to share; I just LOVE reading these! Thanks to all who send in your brownie raves! 

"I am an Apache Pilot currently deployed to Afghanistan out of Fort Hood, TX. Well, first let me say that I recently returned from R&R, and was confronted by my mail handler who had too many packages waiting for me. When I arrived to receive them, I had discovered that I was blitzkrieged by Soldiers' Angels Angel Bakers. I'm not sure how I got on their list, but needless to say, I was thoroughly comforted upon my return. Or at least that's what my belt is telling me. Thank you so much! Be assured that the brownies of our package DID arrive intact, however, DID NOT remain that way to long. I had to make a special "shout-out" on the Soldiers' Angels Angel Bakers Facebook page to recognize you all, but I wanted to thank you personally. From my brownie-induced dream state, Thank you." ~ Larry S., USA Snake-Eyes 08.

"Just just wanted to write to say Thank You! Fairytale Brownies have been my "Go To" gift and now the people at my work (who I gave brownie gifts to) are now ordering brownies for themselves! You bake the best brownies, and they are a big hit at my company! Monday, I'll be dropping off your catalog to our Human Resources Department. Maybe they will consider giving gifts with the company logo. Anyway, I'm ordering some more brownie gifts for my mom's friends who aren't computer/internet savvy, and after one taste, want some of their own! Keep up the great customer service, wonderful quality and simply scrumptious brownies!" ~ Your brownie fan, Martha

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