Brownies Delivered at the Tour de Fat Bike Festival in Tempe, AZ

On Saturday, October 9th The New Belgium Brewing Company's "Tour de Fat" came to Tempe, AZ.  This day long celebration of bicycling was a fun and crazy event.  It's stated goal is to "spread the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle."  I brought my daughter to the festival and we met up with Michelle Kerpan from our Accounting Team.   Michelle also brought along her good friend Mel.  Thousands of participants in crazy costumes rode their bikes along a two-mile course around downtown Tempe.   

Michelle had the forethought to fill their baskets with the best brownies in the world.  She chose our bite-size Magic Morsels which are great for sharing and also make a wonderfully sweet snack.  Along the bike route Michelle and Mel made lots of friends as they tossed out fudgy chocolate brownies to the lucky participants.  Once we all arrived at the end of the route there was food and entertainment for the rest of the afternoon.  

It's always easy to make friends when you're carrying Fairytale Brownies.  Sharing our tasty treats at this magical bike festival was the perfect way to help make the world a sweeter place!

                 Michelle ready with Magic Morsels                                  Michelle donning her fairy wings

        Michelle and Mel with more gourmet brownies                     Mel handing a brownie gift to a volunteer

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