Brownies Delivered entices new Fairytale fans!

 This week's customer story was written by Michelle Dragon:

Brownies DeliveredIn December of 2009, while at work, the property manager had brownies delivered, and came through the building saying, "Merry Christmas!" I grabbed one, not even realizing there were different flavors. But I got Toffee which is my very favorite!

After I inhaled it, the guy in the cube across from me said, "Oh, great. These are all natural," as he closely inspected his wrapper. Feeling a bit foolish that I didn't look at my wrapper except to see TOFFEE, I grabbed mine to take a closer look while telling him I obviously had my priorities in order once I heard chocolate - I ate it!

I went home ranting about how good this brownie was and that I had to have another. Since I had taken a closer look at my wrapper thanks to my neighbor, I knew what to Google. I knew I could have brownies delivered, but once we found out the company was local, we just drove to bakery and spent a whole lot bringing home Brownies, Sprites, Truffles and sugar-free Morsels.

After eating just a bite, my mother-in-law hopped online and sent them to some of her colleagues and friends as Christmas Gifts. We've been hooked ever since!

Michelle - Toffee Crunch is my favorite as well! I hope you and your family got to sample some other gourmet brownie flavors when you visited us. Visiting the bakery is the best way to see and taste what we have to offer. I'm glad to hear your mother-in-law took advantage of our web site to buy brownies online, as well as coming into the bakery. Our gifts make any day special so they are a perfect treat for any occasion. I'm sure you are on our mailing list and have received the latest fall catalog. We have some new combination gifts that should definitely be on your wish list. Happy shopping! - Alyssa 

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