Brownies for Marines

Sending a treat to the Marines in Afghanistan is a real challenge due to the travel time involved. But I thought you would like to know how much your still fresh and delicious tasking brownies were appreciated by the Marines of India Battery stationed in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. Below is the thank you email I received for the sprite extravaganza I sent. "I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for your generous and thoughtful birthday gift. It was a treat to get anything over here, but that gift was a major morale booster and a big hit with Marines throughout the camp. I can’t believe how fresh and delicious those brownies stayed through their long journey…kudos to whoever found that company. I put a box of them in our Combat Operations Center at about 7 pm the night I got them thinking they would last a while. I came back in the next morning for a patrol brief and they were already all gone. Apparently Marines were coming in throughout the night after hearing about the brownie stockpile in the COC. Anyway, safe to say you guys made a lot of Marines happy and made my birthday that much more special."

Name: Patricia Holt
City: Silver Spring
State: Maryland

Comments for Brownies for Marines

Name: Hilary Lee
Time: Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank you for sharing your story, Patricia! We are so happy that our brownies were a morale booster for our Marines in Afghanistan! Thanks again for making Fairytale Brownies a part of your soldier appreciation gifts. It is our honor!

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