Brownies For the "Greater" Good!

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

Fairytale Brownies with Ice Cream

I decided to combine my favorite Fairytale brownies with my favored Greater's ice cream. I don't have to tell you why I love Fairytale Brownies. I tried Graeter's Ice Cream about six years ago when I was in Cincinnati, Ohio. That's where this small batch French style ice cream is produced. I not only loved the consistency and flavor of the ice cream itself, but it was all about the chocolate chips.

That brings me to the brownies! The thing with Fairytale Brownies is that it’s almost like eating fudge and they are using Belgian chocolate. So…Chocolate Chip brownie covered with Graeter's vanilla ice cream and topped with slices of fresh strawberries. I soaked a Chocolate Chip brownie in Chambord and then topped it with vanilla ice cream. Graeter's Mocha Chip with strawberries and broken up plain Fairytale brownie.
I took a chocolate chip brownie, cut it in half and placed vanilla ice cream in the middle and froze it. Another dessert idea until a few more came up after I checked out more of the Graeter’s’ flavors. Their black cherry is NOT the same as Cherry Vanilla. I took the same “sandwich” and topped it with a scoop of black cherry. It tasted sooooo like having chocolate covered cherries but without the syrupy ooze.

Fairytale Brownie topped with Graeter’s Mint Chip. No green coloring…mint oil is not green. I made a shot of espresso and put a large scoop of coffee ice cream…yes, made with real coffee. Cut original brownie in half put scoop of coffee in the middle and freeze. Mmmmm…..

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