Building Gourmet Brownie Gifts!

One thing you may not know about our gourmet brownie gifts is that we have to start building gifts for the holidays in September. While we wish we could bake and ship every gift when it's ordered, that would be nearly impossible to accomplish, since we ship thousands of gifts each day in December. So we bake ahead of time, have figured out how to preserve our brownies without adding preservatives. A lot of testing has gone into this, and we are confident that every delicious treat that we ship will be good for at least 6 months in the freezer once it arrives. How do we do this?

A giant brownie freezer! Yes, that's a freezer. It's ridiculously cold in there, and it can hold nearly 700,000 brownies at full capacity. :) But we ship close to 2 million brownies between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, so...

When we start building gifts that we know we won't be sending for a few weeks, we pack them up on pallets like the one below and send them to an offsite cold storage facility until we are ready to use them.

When we need them, the pallets come back to our freezer, and we pack them into shipping boxes to be shipped worldwide to all of our lucky gourmet brownie gift recipients.


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