Building The Fairytale Bakery

This week we had a visit from Brett Corley, the General Contractor who built our new "Fairytale Bakery" back in 2006 (after 14 years in business we needed more room to grow).  Brett is the founder of C3 Construction in Phoenix, AZ.  He hadn't seen the building since we moved in, so he decided to drop by for a visit and buy brownies for some of his current clients.

Brett and I toured the building together and he watched us making the best brownies in the world.  We had some good laughs about the challenges we went through during construction (which were not funny at the time!).  I showed him our brownie test kitchen and he watched our shipping team pack up some thank you food gifts.  On the way out I gave Brett some of our decadent Fairytale Truffles (gourmet brownies enrobed in dark chocolate) to share with his staff.  It was great to see Brett and catch up on the brownie business, the construction business, and life.

4/12/10 - Myself & Brett Corley of C3 Construction       Early 2006 - The walls go up....

Almost finished......                                                      October 2006 - ready to move in!

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