Busy as Bees in Brownieland!

Well, the holidays are officially upon us here at Fairytale Brownies. Yes, I know it's only August 2, but for us, that marks the beginning of our busy season of sending mail order brownies and gourmet cookies to homes and businesses worldwide. We have extra brownie bakers starting this month, more shipping team members coming in September, and a lot of extra customer service reps sometime after that. Right now we have about 35 employees making the best brownies in the world, but by the middle of December, we could be up to 150 people making and shipping gourmet brownie gifts! 

We're busy in marketing getting ready for the rush, too. Our nearly 1.6 million catalogs are being printed in Wisconsin as I type, and will soon make their way to homes all over the country for our customers to order brownies and have cookies delivered. I'm tired just thinking about everything that needs to get done this month! Guess I better get back to work, so we can make it as easy as possible to find what you want and buy brownies online this holiday season. :)

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