Buy brownies for a Browns fan this football season

Our brownie mascotIt’s football season, which is fine by us. At Fairytale Brownies, we love football season – especially when we’ve got gourmet brownies and cookie gifts nearby during the game.

Even our brownie mascot loves football, though you wouldn’t know it to look at him. You’re more likely to think of words like whimsical or delicious when you see him. Not hard-hitting and bone-crushing. But our mascot has family in the National Football League.

When the Cleveland Browns were founded in 1946, its logo included Brownie the Elf. Brownie was a part of team merchandise and even made the cover of the Browns’ first four media guides.

As described by Steve King of, Brownie the Elf is “a pixie-type character with big, pointy ears, wearing slip-on boots, a belt with a big buckle and a stocking cap – and a football tucked underneath his right arm.”

Alas, after 20 years with the team, Brownie was ditched by owner Art Modell in the mid-60s. Booooooo!

Fret not for our mascot’s hard-nosed cousin. Brownie the Elf has returned under the team’s new ownership these last few years. He’s appeared on official merchandise and even on gear the team has worn on the field.

It’s been an exciting time indeed for our mascot’s family. And it’s provided yet another reason to buy brownies for a friend during football season. Especially if that friend is from Cleveland! 

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