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Capturing the Deliciousness of Gourmet Brownies Through Photography
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June 2, 2014

Most of Fairytale Brownies business is done through mail order. Many people order brownies, cookies and bars online at or through a catalog before they even taste them. So it's really important that we have excellent photos of our gourmet desserts. Since you can’t taste the treats, we need to convey just how yummy they are through visuals!

Twice a year, my team and I spend one to two weeks with a professional photographer and food stylists to create the most delicious looking photography that we can. When your brownie delivery arrives, you can tell just by looking at them how great they are going to be, but capturing that in an image takes a lot of time and work. However, it is also a lot of fun!

Our gourmet brownies, cookies and bars really are the stars of the shoot. We spend time making sure each treat looks its best! Of course with all those gourmet brownies around, it is impossible not to treat ourselves to some sweets. After making them look so irresistible how can I not snack on set?!  And I am sure once you start browsing our photos, you will crave some fudgy chocolate brownies as well. So the next time you mail order brownies from Fairytale Brownies, remember that they will taste even better than they look!


Co-founder David Kravetz looks over image needs for the Fall and Holiday Catalogs with Senior Graphic Designer Erin Kress and me.


Food stylist Kim Krejca, Photographer Rick Gayle and Erin discuss propping for the next shot.


Sneak peak at our Spiced Pumpkin Brownie coming this fall! Cinnamon and other spices help to convey the flavors of the brownie at just a glance.


Senior Web Designer, Hilary Lee, Kim and Erin look over and discuss an image.


Erin takes a look at a shot through the camera. With her experience as our art director on shoots she really knows what works and what doesn't.


Keeping it fun! Alyssa Andrews, our PR specialist, goofs around with some Halloween eyeball erasers!

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