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December 4, 2017

Fairytale Brownies is proud to be part of the gifting experience for our customers. Really, who isn’t excited when they get a gift? It’s automatically a great day, especially when it’s filled with the best food of all time — gourmet brownies.

We never get enough of stories about an entire conference room of professionals pouncing on a treat tower gift they received or a mom whose eyes lit up when she was surprised with a dozen Christmas brownies or delicious Mother's Day chocolate gift from her kids.

Not long ago, we heard a story from one of our corporate customers, The Newport Group. But we think it’s seriously awesome and we wanted to share their experience.

Celebrate company milestones with Fairytale Brownies


The Newport Group has been an amazing customer of ours for over 5 years. They buy for various reasons, but most recently, they hit a major milestone in their company and they celebrated their favorite way — with brownies!

A few months ago they acquired their one millionth participant. They were so proud of their employees and wanted a special way to commemorate the event. They brainstormed a bunch of ideas — they needed something that could be done quickly and still be the top quality their employees deserve.

What they landed on was rich, gourmet Fairytale Brownies. Superb decision-making skills if you ask us.

Employees love working hard for Fairytale Brownies Treats!


They ordered over 1,500 brownies to spread across their 22 nationwide locations to surprise their employees with and thank them for their hard work and incredible success.

We love this idea! Not only did we get to be part of a very important memory for the entire company, but we were able to help bring people together to have the same joyous, delicious experience.

The Newport Group knew they couldn’t bring every single employee together in one place to celebrate, but they could give everyone from-scratch, gourmet brownies to enjoy and talk about for months to come. Everyone took the same break from their day and treated themselves to a delicious brownie.

We suspect The Newport Group also knew people work harder if brownies are involved. At least, that’s how it works at our location!

We work hard to make our Corporate Gifting program absolutely amazing. When a company trusts us with their brand, it's a honor we take very seriously!

We're so grateful to be the preferred gift vendor for The Newport Group and we can’t wait to see how they celebrate another million customers! 

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