Celebrate Halloween with Fudgy Chocolate Fairytale Brownies!

Boo!!!  Halloween is just around the corner and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with fudgy chocolate Fairytale Brownies - always a hit with crowds of all ages!

My nieces and nephews live in Texas, so I like to ship them something special each year.  This year it will be one of the very cool Fairytale Brownies Halloween gourmet gifts http://www.brownies.com/category/halloween.aspx?scid=BLOG.  I just love the unique custom gift packaging and the various selection of treats including scrumptious fudgy chocolate brownies, cookies and bars is hard to beat. . . . .

There is still plenty of time to order for Halloween next week, so be sure to check out www.brownies.com and make your selections today.  Your ghouls and goblins will be surprised and they will love the gourmet chocolate goodies, I know my little spooks do! 


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