Celebrate National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day with Fairytale Truffles

yumToday is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day and chocolate lovers should make the most of it by eating as much chocolate as they can.

I'm definitely doing my part. At 5:15 a.m. I dipped my Cheerios in chocolate sauce for breakfast. Who needs milk?

My co-worker, Kari, has a stash of dark chocolate-covered almonds to help her get through our busy season - a little protein, a little antioxidant. Of course, at 8:02 a.m. (snack time) I had a few with my Christmas Blend while writing this blog.

Fairytale Brownies believes in chocolate-covered gourmet brownies EVERY day. Year round we make brownie Truffles in 9 flavors: Original, Chocolate Chip, Caramel, Espresso Nib, Pecan, Raspberry Swirl, Toffee Crunch, and Walnut. 

But during the fall holiday season we make Candy Cane Truffles - mint chocolate brownies enrobed in 60% dark chocolate with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top. Right now our Candy Cane Truffles gifts are 20% off their original price. If you like mint, these are the perfect holiday treat.

ccOne of the advantages to working at a bakery that creates gourmet brownie gifts is that I can indulge my chocolate cravings whenever the need arises. Because today is a special day, I don't have to wait for the need to arise. Woo hoo! Fairytale Truffles, here I come.

When Fairytale Brownies installed our enrobing machine, all kinds of "chocolate-covered" ideas went through our minds. 

So far, we only enrobe our fudge brownies, but if we decided to enrobe other products, what would you like to try?

We love to hear our customer's thoughts, so suggest away!

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