Celebrate National Pecan Day with Pecan Brownies, Cookies and Bars!

April 14th is National Pecan Day! Pecans are one of my favorite nuts and are popular for their buttery flavor and soft crunch. When I learned there was a National Day recognizing pecans I decided to learn some more about this delicious nut.

Pecans have a rich history in the United States. It's the only major nut tree that grows naturally in North America. The word pecan is of Native American origin that was used to describe "all nuts requiring a stone to crack.” It's history can be traced back to 16th century where both Washington and Jefferson planted pecan trees. New Orleans became the hub for distributing pecans to other parts of the United States and the rest of the world. Source: ilovepecans.org/history.html.

There are many ways to enjoy pecans, but my favorite is in desserts. Forget the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and pass me the pecan! Here at Fairytale Brownies we have three delicious pecan treats. Our pecan brownie, carmel pecan cookie, and  pecan blondie

Order a gourmet gift for yourself that includes pecans, or send some to friends and family.  Visit brownies.com and check out the variety of gifts that include our different pecan delecacies. If you really want to go 'nuts'  then try our choose your own gifts. You can customize your delivery to include just the flavors you want, perfect for sending and enjoying delicious pecan treats for National Pecan Day!

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