Celebrate St. Patty’s with a Good Luck brownie gift basket

Good luck brownie gift basketThere are plenty of reasons to order brownie gift baskets for friends or family members. Maybe you want to send a happy birthday gift. Maybe you want to welcome a new baby into the world. Or maybe you just want to send a congratulations gift for some good news.

In March, we think of St. Patrick’s Day. And that makes us think of the luck of the Irish.

Did you know you can order brownie gift baskets in cheerful Good Luck packaging? You’ll send a little luck of the Irish when you send brownies wrapped in a Good Luck bankd this St. Patricks’ Day.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes tidbit about our festive Good Luck band. The Fairytale Brownies mascot is visible on the packaging of all our brownie gift baskets. He’s almost always purple or white.

But when you order brownies to say “good luck”, our mascot is as green as the lucky four-leaf clover he’s carrying over his head. According to Fairytale Brownies graphic designer Erin Kress, our mascot can also be found in orange and in blue on other special occasion brownie gift baskets.

So, when you want to send a loved one some positive thoughts or wish them a little good luck, think of our green mascot. Order brownie gift baskets hand packed in a classic gift box or elegant treasure box and wrapped in our unique and festive Good Luck band.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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