Celebrating 20 Years of Making Brownie Friends

Fairytale 20th Anniversary

Here's a great memory; having Famous Amos come to our bakery! This week while eating lunch Kari asked who saw the episode of "The Office" with Famous Amos last week.

Love that show and love it they called him Mr. Famous. Which he is.

While I attended USC in Los Angeles, Wally Amos came and spoke at one of our Entrpenreneur classes. I remember him sharing how anyone with a mouth was a potential customer. About 10 or so years after that lecture I found out we had a mutual friend here in Phoenix and he came to visit Fairytale Brownies at our 2,000 sq. ft. third bakery locale (after the catering kitchen & 1000 sq. ft just a few doors down).

It was a day I will never forget to have him there walking around, sharing his story with everyone, eating our brownies. No digital those days just our in-house polaroid.

Aloha Mr. Famous! Thanks for the special memory. Eileen

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