Celebrating 8 Years with Fairytale Brownies

On August 24th, I celebrate my 8th year working on the Catalog & Web team at Fairytale Brownies. My position has evolved immensely over the years, and I wear more hats than I ever thought possible. But I've come to learn with a small business, that's what everyone does! Over the years, I've made great friends with some of my co-workers; friends that I can say I'll have for the rest of my life. I've also seen many friendly faces go on to fill other positions -- but these are moves that were best for them.  I've been given so many great opportunities by working here, and it's been a great 8 years. Here's to 8 more! 

I pulled together some pics of my time here at Fairytale Brownies. I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane! 


2006: Fairytale Brownies Groundbreaking. The company gathered on what was to be our new 26,000 sq. ft baking facility. It is hard to believe that it's been over 6 years  since we stood here -- and we now bake over 6 million brownies, cookies and bars annually! I am in the denim jeans and jean shirt on the right side of the pic.

Fairytale Groundbreaking


2007: This was my first time volunteering with Fairytale Brownies and KaBOOM! to build a playground for local children on Gilbert & Warner in Gilbert, AZ. I was working the mulch pile. 

Kaboom Build 2007


2008: Walking with Fairytale Brownies in the Walk for Hope. Here I am with my son, Austin, who also walked with us, and my good friend Brandie who was with Fairytale Brownies for many years. 

Walk for Hope


2008: Friday happy hour with the Marketing Department. Who say's work all day and no play?! Here I am with Erin, Kari, Brandie and a few others at a local watering hole on Mill Avenue. 

Night Out


2008: Happy Halloween! The Marketing & Sales department dressing for Halloween -- Here I am with Alyssa, Kari, Brenna, Stacy, Kristie, and Brandie. Sadly, Alyssa and I are the only remaining team members from this photo. All others have gone on to other positions. 

Halloween at Fairytale Brownies


2009: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Below: Brandie, Erin, me, Kari, Michelle, Donna and Janet.

St Pattys Day at Fairytale Brownies 2008


2009: Zoofari fundraising event at the Phoenix Zoo. This was one of my favorite events to work because of the animals -- and the gourmet food tasting! Here I am with Brandie and Kristie.

Zoofari 2009


2009: Fairytale Brownies participated in a Wicked On-Sale Event promotion. I got to hang out with the crew at ASU Gammage and help sell brownies and Wicked tickets! Here I am with my good friend Carrie (middle) who worked in the Gammage marketing office and a rep from the musical.

Wicked Event 2009


2009: Marketing lunch at the Farm, South Mountain. Periodically, we'll get together for lunch just to chat and enjoy each others company. Here we happen to be celebrating a few birthday's too! Below, Erin, Kari, Alyssa, Brandie, me, Eileen, Holly and Kristie.

Birthday Lunch


2009: David, Kari, Erin and I traveled to ACCM (Annual Conference for Catalogs & Multichannel Merchants) in New Orleans, LA where Fairytale Brownies won the Silver Award in the Catalog division. We were popular among the conference crowd as we brought with us hundreds of fudgy brownie snacks! Here we are at an Arandell sponsored dinner. 

ACCM New Orleans 2009


2010: Alyssa and I frequently work trade shows and local tastings together. Here, we're working at the Taste Of Scottsdale which was located on the Waterfront near the Fashion Square Mall. 

Taste of Scottsdale 2010


2010: A Fairytale fundraiser for our KaBOOM! build in conjunction with the folks at Buzzcation. We had a mixer and happy hour event at The District Kitchen at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix. Here I'm having a blast with Jo, Lisa and Michelle.



2011: Our Fairytale Brownies sponsored KaBOOM! build. We raised over $80,000! Here I am with Alyssa and Michelle.

Kaboom Build 2011


2011: After playground completion . . . Alyssa, Eileen, and I at Children's First Academy of Tempe, trying out the triple slide for the kids! 

Play Day 2011


2011: Michelle and I having fun at our Fairytale Brownies "play day!" It was a Hawaiian themed party!



2012: I attended the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and met with many of our affiliates and prospective partners! 

Affiliate Summit 2012


2012: Alyssa and I posing at Fairytale Brownies company party at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Chandler. A great time was had by all :)

Spaghetti Factory Party 2012


2012: More goofing off at Fairytale Brownies! David, Erin, Kari and I being totally silly at our Photo Booth! 

2012 Party

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