Celebrating with Co-Workers from the Best Brownie Company!


Ok, I'm the one who usually plans the surprise parties around here so when I was called into a mandatory late afternoon meeting, my notebook and pen in hand, I was shocked to be greeted by my co-workers yelling, "SURPRISE"! Balloons, cake, & lots of smiling faces adorned the room! Me, the "Mom" of the company was shaking, became very overcome with emotion. I'm the nurse of the company, the shoulder to cry on, the HR lady. I found myself filled with joy....these are my co-workers that I have spent more time with than my own family over the past ten years! Thank you for the re-arranging your schedules to recognize my 10 year anniversary...10 Fairytale years to say the least!

I know I am blessed to work for Fairytale Brownies, truly blessed. I love my job & the work that I do and I honestly could not imagine myself working anywhere else. David Kravetz & Eileen Spitalny, co-founders of Fairytale Brownies have built their dream company and are celebrating 20 Fairytale years this year and I am so proud to have been along for the ride the past ten years. Thank you for your generosity and recognition!

Thanks to Kim Silva, Operations Team Leader, who makes my job coming to work every day truly a Fairytale!  Also, special thanks to our social committee who always makes every event so special with making it look so effortless. 





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