Children First Academy Tempe dedicates two new classrooms

Today was a day of celebration at Children First Academy Tempe. About 40 students, along with local guests, officially dedicated and cut the ribbon to a new building made possible by the Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation. The building, called "Hope Academy," will house 20 seventh-graders and 16 eighth- graders this school year.

Special guests included Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. State Senator Jerry Lewis, Tempe City Councilman Kolby Granville, Superintendent Sequoia Schools Ron Neil and Halle Foundation Executive Director Marilyn Seymann.

Principal Jevon Lewis, Marilyn Seymann, and eighth-grade student, Angelica, cut the ribbon, officially opening new classrooms.

I was honored to be a part of their celebration. The more I visit the school, the more I feel like family. As you might remember, Fairytale Brownies built a playground for the students at CFA of Tempe in 2011. My co-workers and I revisited the school this past spring to play with the kids on the playground.When I arrived today, a few of the students remembered me and thanked Fairytale again for the playground...They also asked if I brought them any fudge brownies!

The answer was, "yes." Fairytale's Belgian chocolate brownies were served at the reception following the dedication.

CFA is a charter school that serves homeless and underprivileged children in Tempe. Transportation from shelters and temporary housing is provided, as well as breakfast, lunch, a monthly visit to the school's clothing room, regular dental care, and immunizations. Much care is taken to provide each student with a stable environment despite the stress of their home lives. CFA officials believe that the addition of the new classrooms will help their middle schoolers smoothly transition to high school and be a success in their new environment. (The school's motto is pictured above.)

Congratulations and best wishes to Children First Academy Tempe! We hope you continue to grow and make a difference in students' lives.






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