Client Thrilled Over Brownie Delivery

Sometimes we forget how much our own small acts can effect someone's day. After sending our [Compendium] client a Fairytale Brownies gift recently, we received this heart-warming welcoming note from him. Needless to say, this client testimony is proof that we [as people's] sometimes seemingly-small act of kindness truly does go a long way.

His note to us was this:


Your very kind gift of Fairytale Brownies arrived yesterday. Brownies just happen to be one of my very favorite things in life. Talk about the ultimate comfort food!

I am very intrigued by all the varieties that you sent me. I was tempted to hold an impromptu one-man "taste test" right at my desk. My better senses prevailed as I knew:

1. Dinner was only 2 hours away

2. Every other time in my life that I ate half my body weight in brownies - I ended up feeling, let's just say - "not too good"

3. I didn't have fresh, cold milk (an absolute brownie REQUIREMENT) on hand

So, I decided to:

1. Take the whole package home

2. Let my family explore and consider what we have

3. Stage a ceremonial taste test event (later this week) in which we will:

a. Cut each brownie type into 4 pieces

b. Allow each person to sample each type

c. Ask each person to vote for their favorite

d. Disregard what everyone else says and try to hog the type that I prefer

Wish me luck!

THANK YOU for your kind and thoughtful gift. It is perfect!

- Happy Compendium Client from INDIUM CORPORATION

We want to genuinely thank you, Fairytale Brownies. Thank you for establishing a business that has allowed us to tell our clients how much we appreciate them. Your brownies are amazing and your gift selections are exactly 100% on par! Thank you again!

Name: Compendium
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

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