Brownie Blogging by Colleen

Hi, my name is Colleen Flynn. I am a Graphic Designer with the Catalog and Web Team at Fairytale Brownies. My duties mainly include working on marketing materials for both web and print. I am still fairly new to the Brownie Team, so read my blog as I work on new, fun projects and discover great gifting ideas!

I love all things crafty and creative, so you will find me blogging alot about ways to get creative with Fairytale Brownies, Cookies, & Bars! I also love finding excuses to celebrate, so my blogs will center around holidays: big and small, nationally recognized and obscure. I will also be giving you and inside look at some of the exciting things I get to do as a designer with Fairytale Brownies, such as photo shoots and catalog printing!

Please feel free to contact me at I would love to hear your questions, feedback, and random thoughts! 


Thank friends, family, teachers, and mentors with gourmet brownies!

It is graduation time and many people are sending delicious gourmet brownie gifts from Fairytale Brownies to congratulate all the grads out there. I am graduating in a week myself, with a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design! In the midst of all the celebrating I think it is important to remember those who have supported and helped me reach my academic and career goals. 

What better way to say thank you to my friends, family, teachers, and mentors than with a thank you gift from Fairytale Brownies! I know they are going to really appreciate the gesture. Not only is the presentation elegant with beautifully crafted packaging, but wait until they try the fudgy brownies, cookies, and bars! You can choose from a number of different sizes and varieties. I suggest the Thank You 8 sprite favor, especially for teachers, or the Thank You Morsel 24 for those extra special people, like parents! 

So graduates, while you're celebrating, don't forget those who have helped you along the way! Thank you...

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Brownie Delivery for Mother's Day

It's time to say thank you to those all important women in our lives, mothers! I know my mom is looking forward to her brownie delivery from Fairytale Brownies, but Mother's Day is not only about one's own mother but the other great mothers in our lives. This year I am excited to send a brownie delivery to my boyfriend's mom. Whenever we travel to Minnesota to visit, she always welcomes me into her home and makes me feel like part of the family. I want to show her how much I appreciate all she's done for me and for what a great job she has done raising her son and daughter. 

A gourmet gift from Fairytale Brownies is a perfect way to show your appreciation to moms, especially to those who live far away. You can browse our variety of Mother's Day Gifts at We have three sizes and 12 flavors of fudge brownies to choose from, 3x3" (full-size) 1.5"x3" (snack-size) and 1.5"x1.5" (bite-size) -- in addition to 6 gourmet cookie and 4 sweet and buttery bar flavors. You are sure to...
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Order Brownies Online

People love sending our gourmet brownie, cookie, and bar gifts to friends and family, but many people also like to boast that our treats are great crowd pleasers, perfect for serving at home or office parties, or other special events like baby showers and as wedding favros. For your next get-together, order brownies online at and they'll be delivered right to your door! Fairytale Brownies has three sizes and 12 flavors of fugdy brownies to choose from, 3x3" (full-size) 1.5"x3" (snack-size) and 1.5"x1.5" (bite-size) -- in addition to 6 gourmet cookie and 4 sweet and buttery bar flavors. You can serve them as individually wrapped party favors, or arrange them on a tray for a beautiful and delicious dessert spread. 

You can also take it another step and decorate your Fairytale Brownies, or try different brownie recipes to bake at home! Below are some great brownie decorating ideas for Spring and Summer since it's on it's way . . . ! 

Brownie & Fruit Kabob, Get Recipe Here


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Thank Wedding Guests With Personalized Photo Gifts

Warmer weather is here, and that means it's wedding season again. The most popular months to get married are June through October, so many brides are preparing for their big day. There is so much to plan, from the dress to details like thank you gifts and wedding favors. I'm at the age where many of my friends are getting married, so I've attended plenty of weddings. I find the weddings I enjoy most are those that focus on family and friends. Small touches like thanking those who've been there for your big day have always been a tradition, but the gifts that stand out to me most are  personalized gifts.

At Fairytale Brownies, we have the perfect way for couples to thank their loved ones in a personal way, with photo gifts. Your photo will be printed directly onto our gift packaging with durable, high-quality inks for a sentimental gift your guests can treasure for years to come. They will cherish the photo and rave about the gourmet brownies, bars, and cookies inside!
The great part...
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Celebrate National Pecan Day with Pecan Brownies, Cookies and Bars!

April 14th is National Pecan Day! Pecans are one of my favorite nuts and are popular for their buttery flavor and soft crunch. When I learned there was a National Day recognizing pecans I decided to learn some more about this delicious nut.

Pecans have a rich history in the United States. It's the only major nut tree that grows naturally in North America. The word pecan is of Native American origin that was used to describe "all nuts requiring a stone to crack.” It's history can be traced back to 16th century where both Washington and Jefferson planted pecan trees. New Orleans became the hub for distributing pecans to other parts of the United States and the rest of the world. Source:

There are many ways to enjoy pecans, but my favorite is in desserts. Forget the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and pass me the pecan! Here at Fairytale Brownies we have three delicious pecan treats. Our pecan brownie, carmel pecan cookie, and  pecan blondie

Order a gourmet gift...

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Reduce Your Stress! Eat a Belgian Chocolate Brownie!

Unavoidable and at many times unbearable, stress affects us all. Whether you're worrying about work, school, relationships, money, or a combination of things, stress not only burdens you emotionally, but can be the cause of many health issues as well. It occurs when there is an imbalance between the demands made on us and our ability to cope with those demands. A little stress may not be harmful, in some ways it can also be good. I find that a little stress helps me to be more productive, but too much can cause emotional and physical damage. Some negative health effects include aches and pains, dizziness, nausea, chest pains, and frequent colds.  If you're stressed then you are obviously already dealing with a lot and now you have to worry about your health as well? 

Luckily there are different things you can do to manage your stress, and with April being Stress Awareness Month, there is a lot of literature out there about coping with it. Of course, the one that stood out to me the most...
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New Twists on Easter Traditions: Send a Brownie Basket

It is almost time for Easter again, and this year is going to be a pretty quiet one for my family. There will only be a few of us, and no one younger than eighteen. So does this mean no Easter baskets, or Easter egg hunts, or other childlike festivities? Of course not! I've listed some ideas on how to add a little sophistication to some of those old Easter traditions.


1. The Easter Basket

Give or send a brownie basket from Fairytale Brownies instead. You and your recipients will still be able to indulge in treats, but with something a little more sophisticated and a lot more delicious than those sugary Peeps. The brownie gifts come hand wrapped with a festive Happy Easter Band. Visit to see the variety of gifts you can choose from. I recommend the Easter Morsel 24. These bite-size brownies make a nice treat to share.


2. Decorating Eggs

As much fun as those colorful dyes can be, here is an alternate idea for decorating your eggs using red onions and vinegar for your dye.



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Send a Gourmet Brownie Birthday Celebration!

I don't get to see my brother as often as I would like. As a student my abilities to travel are limited, and he is often busy traveling all over the world for his career. So when his birthday comes around, I always try to send him something. However, this year I lost track of time and almost missed it completely! That's why something like a gift basket from Fairytale Brownies works as the perfect gift. You can buy brownies online at and rest assured that your lucky recipient will receive a fun and delicious gift. I decided to make it extra fun and ordered my brother the Birthday Surprise! These brownies come with balloons, a kazoo, candles, and a birthday button! It was like sending him a celebration!

I usually get a thank-you email or a message on facebook from my brother but this year he called me. He told me he knew I was working for a Brownie Company but had no idea how delicious they were. "By far, the best brownies ever!" He made it pretty clear that he "expects"...

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St Patrick's Day Gourmet Brownie Ideas

March is probably one of my favorite months. Winter is ending, the weather is beautiful, and of course there is St. Patrick's Day!!!! If you couldn't tell by my name, or hair color, I've got some Irish in me, and I love doing fun things for the holiday. As they say, "Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day," so I wanted to share a couple of great themed gourmet brownies recipes and decorating ideas. 

First step, of course, is to order Fairytale Brownies online at When they arrive you'll be ready to create and decorate.
Mint Brownie Ice Cream Push Up Pops: These fun push pops can be purchased at Michael's Craft Stores - Start by using the top of the push pop to cut circles out of our fudgy chocolate brownies - Add one brownie circle to a pop and spoon a layer of mint brownie ice cream - Repeat with another brownie circle and layer of ice cream - Top with whip cream and green sprinkles
Irish Cream Mint Fluff
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 cup International...
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Send Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for the Spring Season!

As February transitions to March, we are all ready to put the winter months behind us and look forward to spring. Although the spring equinox is not until March 20, we can't help but start dreaming of the warmer weather and the renewed life it brings. Of course here at Fairytale Brownies in Phoenix, Arizona it is already starting to feel like spring, and we are busy preparing for the new season.

We are excited to announce our new Happy Spring gourmet brownie gifts. Send gourmet chocolate gifts wrapped in a festive spring gift band. Your friends, family, and coworkers will be reminded of just how sweet this season can be.

We also have our gourmet chocolate gifts for the spring holidays. Send a Good Luck GIft for St Patrick's Day. Or, send loved ones Easter Gifts, and even hide our individually wrapped morsels in easter eggs!

So celebrate the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth! Check out our Holidays and Seasons Pinterest board for our popular seasonal...

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