College students must have money and fudge brownies

After sending three children off to college over the past nine years, I've discovered there are two things that they always need: Money and fudge brownies.

Of course, money will get them through pretty much anything: Laundry, food, gas, dates, entertainment.

But did you know the same could almost be said for fudge brownies? The need for fudge brownies can arise almost any time of the day.

fudge brownies

A couple of Cream Cheese Magic Morsels first thing in the morning will hold a student over until a more balanced meal can be consumed later. Just remember the words, "cream cheese," are breakfast words, and put your worries to rest.

fudge brownies

Then there's the Peanut Butter fudge brownie - great for a mid-afternoon study snack. Did you know that peanuts are high in protein?

fudge brownies

The Walnut Sprite is a single-serving size, and will keep the student's energy up during those long nights of writing essays.

fudge brownies

The best brownies, though, are the extra ones your student can share with friends.

Send comfort food to college when you need to let them know you miss them. Sometimes it's not for their comfort, but for your own. Love, Mom



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