Continuing Our 20 Year Celebration Of Gourmet Brownie Gifts

Each month this year Eileen and I will be sharing a blog post dedicated to our 20 year anniversary celebration.  We founded Fairytale Brownies back in 1992 with the goal of simplifying gift giving and creating the best brownies in the world.  We started baking late at night in a friend's catering kitchen and first conducted business out of my townhome.  In the beginning we wrapped all of the brownies by hand using rolls of plain saran wrap.  One of the first packaging purchases we made was labels for the individually wrapped fudgy chocolate brownies.  So for today's post, I thought I'd show some historical images of our original brownie labels.  When we went to the printer to order the first roll of labels, he asked what color ink we wanted to use.  We hadn't given it much thought and decided to go with purple on the spot.  We thought it was a very regal and bright color.  Since that time purple has become our signature color. 

At that time we didn't even have a logo for the business, just a name!  Soon after that we created our first logo (see my earlier post to learn about that).  We used the new logo to create our second generation of brownie labels which we used for many years.  In 2007, after using our first logo for almost 15 years, we decided it was time for a change.  So we did a major brand update to our logo and graphics.  The goal was to keep the heritage and whimsy of the original design, but give it a more sophisticated and upscale look.  The new logo was also incorporated into our most recent label design which we continue to use until this day.

We're so proud of the past 20 years, but we're also looking to the future.  In 2010 we introduced our delicious gourmet cookies.  And later this year we have even more exciting products in store.  In addition to our delicious brownies and cookies, there will be even more treats to come!


brownie label 1     brownie label 2     brownie label 3

     Our Original Brownie Label                Updated With Logo                  New Logo Introduced in 2007

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